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Shawn Brady Bono
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboard Sequencing

In his role as "Bono", Brady has been described by concert reviewers worldwide as having "infectious energy", "soaring vocals", " precise and passionate delivery" and a "knack for truly connecting with the audience". To ensure he looks and sounds the part, Brady uses Vox amps, Shure Beta 58 wireless microphones, Armani sunglasses, Gibson acoustic and Gretsch Irish Falcon guitars. The intense energy Brady brings to the shows comes in part from his marathon running background. He has placed in 2 major marathons: Chicago (where he ran his personal best of 2:27) and Honolulu (where he placed 12th out of 25,000 runners only 4 hours after attending U2's concert in Hawaii). Brady is a physical therapist by background and is the Director of Interprofessional Practice at a major Toronto hospital. He also tours with his solo-acoustic act that includes an interesting and vast array of unplugged covers. http://www.shawnbrady.com

Kevin Strom The Edge
Guitar, Background Vocals, Keyboards

In his role as 'The Edge', Kevin has done extensive research and sourced out a lot of the gear used by the U2 guitarist. The end result is a setup very close to Edge's, consisting of Vox amps, Gibson & Fender guitars as well as various rack and pedal effects. Kevin is endorsed by the Indie Guitar Co. and uses an Indie Rickenbacker 12-string replica which sounds even better than the real thing! Kevin has been playing guitar from the early age of 6 and his love of music has allowed him to earn a degree from the Atlanta Institute of Music where he graduated with honors. In addition to his playing and wild solos, Kevin always delivers with his pitch perfect background vocals. Comments from U2 fans such as "I've never heard anyone re create Edge's sounds like you have", "I'd swear 'The Edge' was there last night" & "are you the Edge in disguise?" is what makes this all worth while. The role of 'The Edge' has been very rewarding for Kevin whose attention to detail has allowed him to not only sound the part but look it too by replicating various costumes throughout the decades.

Mick Barnard Adam Clayton
Bass Guitar

As a long-time U2 fan Mick is the perfect choice to take on Adam's role in the band. Many, including some who know Adam personally, have commented on his close physical resemblance to Adam, and his on stage presence and bass playing are uncannily similar too. As well as his musical contribution to Elevation he is extensively involved in the multimedia aspect of the shows, an increasingly important role as the band moves into larger venues. Mick first saw U2 on the "Boy" tour and has followed the band ever since. "When I first saw U2 perform I knew I was seeing something really special. They've justified my early faith in them a thousand times since then and playing their music with three such talented musicians is a genuine pleasure."


Mullet Larry Mullen Jr.
Drums and Percussion

A child of the 80's, John has always been a fan of the BIG HAIR BANDS - back in the day when they really played their instruments and the big drum sound and long guitar solos were king! For John, aka Mullet, every show , no matter how small or large is worthy of 110% sweat - it must be hard hitting and full of energy! John's drumming was described by one journalist as follows: "I was particularly blown away by the drummer . He pounded the crap out of those skins, especially on 'City of Blinding Lights' and his timing seemed flawless to me". Whether there are 100 or 5000 plus fans gathered, Mullet always puts the same effort into the show. "Drumming for me is a contact sport... if I feel exhausted after a show, then I am satisfied." Email Mullet at: john_1_77 at hotmail.com

band support sub-head
Book one or more of our professional and helpful crew to manage the stage at your event. Subject to availability. Transport and accommodation costs may be required outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Please ask for further details.
Craig - Crew
Craig T.
Stage Manager / Crew Chief/
Lighting Director / Photographer /
Graphic & Web Site Designer

Skeptical of the idea of a tribute to his favorite band, Craig attended Elevation's very first show in 2002 purely by chance. The show utterly confounded his expectations and since that fateful night Craig has worked closely with the band as their web designer, stage manager, and lighting and video director to name just a few of the tasks he has handled. A close friend of the band, his contribution to Elevation over the years has been considerable and his role as crew chief has been key to many a successful Elevation show. It is a tribute to his web design skills that U2 tributes both within North America and internationally update their web sites to match the moment that Craig rolls out some new aspect of Elevation's.
Wayne - Crew
Wayne B.
Stage / Front of House Assistant
A long time friend of the band, Wayne assists Craig and the band with stage management tasks and other ad-hoc duties with his usual blend of charm and skill.
John - Crew
John B.
Stage / Front of House Assistant
A relatively recent addition to the Elevation crew, John brings a practical approach to the task at hand and is a popular member of the team.
Jessica L .
Belly Dancer
When U2's ZooTV tour of the early 90s featured a belly dancer, Toronto based dancer and U2 fan Jessica found a new passion. A chance meeting with Elevation in 2002 sealed the deal and soon she was regularly sharing the stage with them for "Mysterious Ways", one of U2's best known songs. Jess's dream of dancing for U2 was finally realised when she joined Bono on stage for "Bad" during U2's 2005 Vertigo tour in Toronto. Although now based in the U.S., Jessica still makes regular appearances with Elevation.

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